MKE #3 – Week 4 – Everything Accepts Me




True Belief.

The Knowing in my heart I can trust.

What I feel.

Who I am.

What I am .

Who am I?

This question is lingering…

It changes its form,

shape shifting,

looking here and looking there

searching for something.

Something different.

Something Unique.

Something, Like Me.

And the answer seems simple

yet I can fail to understand it often upon

a first quick and fleeting glance

the answer.

it seems to be another


What do I LOVE?

If I will choose a direction for my life to flow,

Will it go there?

Filling the mold I carve with my mind

I Am what I think,

believe in my heart

 Say with Conviction

and Act as if?

It is so?

As I say it is.

If I say so

So I say…



Wonderful Words!

Possibly meaningless

without the feelings of life.

The whole ecosystem of context behind them.

Like a family team, making them what they are.

To me, one thing.

To you, perhaps another.

The meaning of everything is


infinite potential available

it awaits in everything

like the unknown fullfillment of

a Newborn’s destiny.

What Is it?

Who are they?

What will they choose,

to be, think, do…

And do they realize,

when will they realize,

will they realize at all!?

That within them is the power that outspans measure,

a Mighty Awesome Force!

Which has manifested itself in their form.

Right Here, Right Now.

And it requires No Validation

from ANY external source

to be Loved.

Unconditionally and entirely, forever, NO Matter What.

It may sound obviously simple.

But do they KNOW???

Within their heart.

With All the Power of

True Belief.

And Nothing can Stop or Start

Give or Take

Make or Break

Them, Maybe not even themselves.

Just Remember,

We’ve ALL

Got Complimentary



(((Believing is the Magic!)))


Opinion Disclaimer: All thoughts written are of a unique perception from one individual point of view

and are not shared with the intention of being statements of generalized fact for all.

Please evaluate and discern whatever you believe to be true

within yourself and trust that over anything else

(Including Me.)

Thank you!

🙂 <3





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Roberta Boyea - October 19, 2017

Wow, I like how you did that, very poetic and profound!

    Kendra - October 30, 2017

    Thank you Roberta!

Dave Edwards - October 19, 2017

Wow Kendra!

I have goose bumps from reading your words. You always have amazed me. And this is no exception.

Your completed blog with all the links and such inspire me.

I do hope you find a way to add some of your drawings and various art projects along with some guitar and singing to the blog … I can still remember looking at your art book and was majorly impressed.

And really miss seeing those images you created. And will never forget you playing your guitar and singing to a room full of doctors and nurses … we were all taken aback by your talent and your freely sharing such good energy.

I myself am a bit confused with all this new tech stuff and will have to watch the video a couple more times before I can get this all figured out.

When I get to Kentucky I will have some computer help there to help me with the many questions I have.

I am so proud of you all for taking this course. So looking forward to watching you, Noah and your mom progress with this project.

I am moving to Kentucky soon and getting the Jeep in shape. Along with condensing and moving,finishing flutes and learning… my mind is very busy as I try to keep up with everything.

Though so far I am still in. I am looking forward to the move in many ways but will miss my son DJ and granddaughters Willow and Sage.

Though I will be living with musicians and be able to play a drum set and saxophone … as I will be living on 100 acres and be able to make more noise. We will have a recording studio so I will send you some more homemade music when that gets done.

For some reason my URL has not been added to the blog roll. But my URL is mkdaveedwards.wordpress.com

Bongo Dave –
Good Happens / Love Shall Prevail

    Kendra - October 30, 2017

    Bongo Dave! Thanks for reading my blog.


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