MKE #3 – Week 5 – Welcoming All

If I think about what I want,

Do I let myself have it?

    Yes or No

 beg and plead

but if I keep the door locked up tight

so it cannot get in

Why do I bother?

Why ask for a blessing

and let it pass me by?

And is there anyone else in this world

who can enjoy it for me,

this moment

in life is here

for me

to do with whatever I choose.

I want to be happy,

experience all that is good

I don’t always realize the door is locked.

I am not allowing the good in

afraid of it?


its ok

I have learned alot

but i still want to live

this moment

and use my precious time

to the fullest.

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Kendra - November 20, 2017

Julia! I think about you all the time, and our fun adventures in Kauai
definitely a peak life experience for me.
Everyday the adventure has continued, I am currently focusing on what I love most to do, creative expression. My DMP is to be a full-time artistprenuer.
Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see you again, you are a brilliant individual I am so honored to know and call my friend. What genius are you working on currently? Do you have a blog?

Julia Standish - November 19, 2017

Hi Kendra,
How are you since meeting on Kauai?
I came to visit your blog. Read them all, but decided this Poem is where I wanted to touch base with you.
I’m proud of you, and I hope this time through the MKE, more doors of opportunities have become a reality, and more of the future you have evolved.
I look forward to more of your journey experiences or creative expressions for me to read.


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