MKE #3 – Week 6 – Overflowing Cup

There is a glass

and I see it

on the table.

What do I think?

Do I love it as is?

Do I wish it was a bowl?

Do I want to be full,

full of what?

Do I put it away or let it stay there.

For someone else to deal with.

I can look or I can look down

the glass is the glass

and I am me

Maybe I am the glass

as well

Maybe the glass is a part of me

and what I see in the glass must

be in me too.

Suddenly my thoughts change

as quick as a decision

I make a promise to myself that there is

something good about the glass

and I can see it now.

The glass is responding to me,

and I to the glass.

It is beautiful,

to see my reflection in the glass and perhaps

the glass can see itself in my eyes

and we are both thinking the same thing.

Perhaps that is why we are both here.

Right Now.

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