MKE #3 – Week 7 – Positive for a Week or Positive for Life?

In the MKE,

this week we decided to go on

a 7 day positive ONLY mental diet.

Ive been making it a definite chief aim

since my awareness of it, this week-long

mind fast has become a life-long way of being

not just for the reason of it feeling so good and beyond compare

everything is Awesome when I let it be good.

To love others as myself and allow myself to receive love from others

with joy of feeling that this is the basic requirement for life!

What can I do that could benefit the world more than

keeping myself, my thoughts, mind and world in alignment?

This idea that I must make my future self the bestest, closest friend

and LOVE myself as any other person 0r thing.

Yes I matter most to me and that’s ok.

Thats good, thats GREAT!

I AM Great.

I AM infinite, Unconditional love.

Being aware that I am

and know that I am given

the ability to co-create and

choose what I like

I am concious,

I notice contrast and I

discover more and more about myself,

who I desire to be.

The contrast of what has been in my experience

has catapulted my expansion

so that the future is brighter and brighter.

I see all things as myself?

Than perhaps I am growing brighter?

or Maybe the truest fact is that I AM

the brightest thing in existance and

one with the SOURCE of all brightness.

And now that I have found my corrective lenses

of Spirit, my truth glasses

I am seeing the truth of myself

clearer and clearer.

and everything is clearly a part of me now.

We, I am everything.

I am already approved.

and I am what I believe.

BELIEVE In Yourself!

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Dave Edwards - December 14, 2017

Fantastic Kendra !!!

I love your observation and your sharing.

From having spent a precious little while with you and your most amazing family I knew from the first moment I met you … and … each one of your family members that you were all … “Glowing-with-a-knowing”.

Of which … I always had a knowing of how brilliant you were before I ever heard you speak.

You Mom showed me your art book collection before I ever got to know you much … I can still remember to this day that I was … totally jaw dropping flabbergasted … at the professional quality and care and time along with the obvious amount of patience and dedication that you must put into your artworks.

And your whole room was full of amazing imaginings that you brought into this 3-D world.

I remember saying things like if Disney saw your work he probably would of hired you and or sent you to some art school.

I hope that you someday you just add some pics of your art-book pages to your blog page … as I am anxious to see again what I was so impressed with … as at each page turning there was another super quality project that you created.

I could even tell that your mom was still taken aback by the artwork that were looking at.

Your talent is way beyond your years ….

Yes … you are a master creator at an early age … and I am sure the higher realms also find it most de-lightful that you decided to consciously wake-up … to being the real you.

The real you … the guitar playing singer that I saw spontaniously entertain a whole roomful of professional doctors nurses patients moms and dads. That was a steller moment in time for me … I will remember it forever … like it was yesterday.

And your art work … had some charactors sort of like the snow whites and the seven cute dwarfs. One of them was sitting at a table … or a barrel chair? Can you send me some of those pics and the ones where you created little fairies that had gosssamer wings that looked so realistic as every little vein in the gossemer wings was detailed.

I can still remember some of them … but would like to SEE them again and I hope others get to see them as they were/are truly exceptional.

On another note:

I also noticed and liked your paragraph structure like a vertical sine-wave it makes reading easier and even funner.

Your web page is looking good. I wish I was there with you guys you probably would be a help for me in figuring out computers … I need to treat for someone to show up and help me here. Hope they get here soon. Haha

I am going to check out your other blogs before my wifi drops out. SO far doing good I got to catch up on Noahs blog … I like his most enjoyable mild sense of humor … and his header is startling amazing in a refreshing kind of way … Haha.

    Kendra - December 15, 2017

    Aww.. Bongo Dave! Every time you appear in my concious awareness I cannot help but break into a smile. Just the thought of you (and all the awesome memories) is enough to make my day. I Love YOUR style of writing as well. You seem to have a natural way of being interesting and fun in everything i read from you. Oh! About the artwork, did you not see it on my front page? I have the link to a gallery there as well as blogposts i write about a new piece each week. I aim to highlight my whole current collection as well as more as it expands “Cause I just cant stop CREATING!”

wendy - November 9, 2017

love this Kendra!!! keep moving forward!

    Kendra - November 9, 2017

    Thank you Wendy! I am going for it all!!!

    Kendra - December 15, 2017

    Thank you so much Wendy! <3 <3 <3


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