MKE #3 – Week 9 – Observing

Sometimes the times get full

theres lots to do

so many options

and different activities

floating around.

It can feel like a roller coaster.

What do I focus on right now?

Is there a way to be part of it all and appreciate

it all at once?

I’m not sure.

That’s not something I’m sure I want entirely.

If I’m really honest I want to just do the one thing I love most.

I want to be submerged in it.

Get lost in it.

Or found.

I find myself clearest when I just let go of trying to figure everything out and

do something that I enjoy.

That always seems to prove an excellent choice.

There may be others, all just as good.

But as for the moment I have enough to satisfy me.

Honestly, more than enough.

I have not had much feeling in my life of not enoughness.

Usually overabundance has been a theme as far as what is available to me.

My thoughts “I’m so blessed, can I possibly give more than I have already recieved?”

It just doesn’t seem so.

There is an infinite supply wherever I am.

I know it is flowing through me as well.

I haven’t always accepted the idea that

I am an important part of the eternally expanding flow of prosperity conciousness

for all beings.

Everything matters.



Perhaps there are no things that I absolutely have to do.

But I do want to do certain things.

I feel pulled so strong that it almost feels like I cannot stop myself.

I like practicing the detachment process so I can observe from afar.

Stepping back from my canvas of life, I can appreciate

the unfathomable, miraculousness

of it all.

Without even knowing what it is

or having the desire to understand it.

 All I know is that it is.

I am.

And I love it.



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