MKE #3 – Week 10 – To sink or to swim?

Theres alot of ideas swirling around in heart and mind

I want them to be, yet I feel subby saying

“I don’t know about this yet”

It is unfamiliar, a new adventure and

 where there could be hesitation

my inspiration is from the masterkey mastermind

member Vicki Eide Ive heard so much about.

There could be hesitation, but that story is enough for me to gain

awareness of what this moment can really be.

In the instant that I let go of fear of the unknown,

take that leap of faith.

I step boldly into my future self.

Now my true self.

I can risk it all and even

lay down my old life, belief system,

paradigm, way of thinking, living and being

for my bestest bestest closest friend.

Every night I die for you.

And in the light of the new dawn I am “born anew”

This death is a relief, a cause for celebration!

The greatest feeling of joy, ENTHUSIAM

positivity and eagerness seep out of the cracks of the every

fiber of me.

This new life is no strange land.

It is the land of which I am emporer, I AM KING, Here!

I know this room, Ive walked this floor, this moment a million times in my mind already.

With every breath, thought charged with receptive , affimative feeling

I get closer, clearer, realer

It’s so amazing!

The top of the mountain is far below me now,

cause I am flying!

Whatever I dream I believe I can have.

All things are possible  for those who Believe!

Yes, I do believe.

I am living the life of my dreams, for real.


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Dave Edwards - December 15, 2017

Your Enthusiasm is inspires me !!!

    Kendra - December 15, 2017

    AS does your mirroring back at me!


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