MKE #2 – Week 13


Distant Remnants of familiar

dialogue impressed in my subconscious

play sometimes when an associate attachment

thought, situation, feeling, memory triggers it

firing and wiring the experiences i have had and comparing

or likening them to the moment,

this present Now.

In an effort to try and understand

and gain a sense of direction?


As long as i am wondering,

i wonder if i can ever understand.


If there were no definitive,

the truth could be subjective.

Different, Not better.

No wrong or right

except for

the beholder of the beauty

within the eye.

That is choice?

Is truth a choice?

Do i get to decide what is true,

yet only for me.

Not for you.

So why do i try to prove anything.

Have i ever proved anything?

Not to anyone except the

“I AM”



the Observing Self


that is my Soul.

Or is it?


I dont know.




New Realizations and Perspectives i never thought of before!

Or have i?

One Question:

Why does it matter.

Why does it matter what I really Am.

What if i cannot be understood

in my entirety.

At least with a limited sense of individual awareness,

if everything is unlimited,

could there be any limit to my understanding?



Do i really want to understand?

i think i can hear

My heart whispering

that all is changing.

“Out With the Old

and In with the New.”

Once i see the top of one mountain,

i want to climb one twice and high.

And treacherous.

Is it enough?

Is it enough for me?

Only i can decide that.

No use asking the world

or waiting for them to accept

and allow all the good i desire

to be,

for me.

Am I enough for me?

to me…

If enough never seems to be enough…

Can i ever be loved and accepted just the way i am.

Not in a Static way.

I want to grow,

i want to change,

i want to be Not the best, but My best.

there is no definitive best, just different in my eyes.

I want to practice, practice, practice

perfect practice produces perfect presentation.

I want to improve, expand

and get better and better,

become more and more and more







In my faith,

in myself

in my power.

I Want to Believe!

If Everything is Nothing,

than Nothing is Everything.

If everything can be fake,

everything can be real,

anything can be true and false.

with enough focus.


I Am the Only one who gets to allow

anything to be real, true or false

for me.

In my life,

in my mind,

in my subby.

I have thought that i am inadequate,

not good enough,

to hide the terrific truth

or possibility

that i am powerful beyond measure.

One with all the universe

the Universal Mind,

through which ALL things

are possible.

Are Real.

Are True.

Even Paradoxes.


opposing beliefs.


“Scientific Evidence”


They all can be dis-proven,

they all can be true.

There is no jurestiction,

no limits,

no walls,

no ropes,

no chains,

no cages,

no prison,

no reason,

no excuses,

no meaning,

no point,

unless we choose to create…

What we make.



Is it enough?

What do you think?

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Rip Yegerman - December 29, 2016

Deep…overwhelming…needing to be brought into the silence and reflect upon. While all possibilities exist, determining the exact trajectory of your life remains in your world within. Thank you for sharing this and I am grateful to be on this journey with you.

    Kendra - January 3, 2017

    yeah, Rip. Out of all this vast sea of variety, hopefully i can find that one destination i desire to seek.

Brenda Buck - December 20, 2016

WOW!!! Kendra, this is Beautiful, and DEEP! What do I think? I think that We are ALL Individually enough! 🙂 There really are NO LIMITS….

    Kendra - January 3, 2017

    Yes! Thank You Brenda! <3


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