MKE #2 – Week 14


A day to honor the things we love in our life.

Perhaps a day to reflect on all the endeavor in which we have been


Have we made a decision, courageously stepped forward and executed

the action regardless of challenges in our experience?

Have we made a vow to ourselves that we have put in all our chips for

with faith and surrender to what the grand Orchestra’s

Symphony will ultimately sound like in the end result?

Can we now relax, be proud of ourselves, express gratitude

that we are a winner because we exist and

not because of the amount of things we have brought to the table.

Are we the maker of our own experience and is it not exactly as we want it to be?

Put aside your aspirations and inquire within if you are

truly ready for a change.

All the fancy luxaries

cannot account for the feelings

we attach to them

that determine wether we enjoy

our time here.

What use is a billion dollars if you have a broken heart that aches?

What do you need when you have all you want?

An eternal supply of Infinite Abundance

is already stocked in the cosmic field.

Do we realley want to see it ALL

have it ALL in our grasp Right Now?

Where will we put it?

AM I truly prepared

for All the things in which i ask the great provider?

With great power comes great responsibility.

In my observation of the previous forms of immaturaty

i have entertained,

gloriously requesting everything i could

possibly think of on a whim.

I never thought about if i even had room for it in my life yet.

As i sit here in party mode

with the world spiraling around me

i am reminded of

how much i adore doing nothing.

Absolutely Nothing.

Not that i truly what to be idle,

i just realize that my world is actually overflowing

with an infinite array of activities, projects of interest

and then essential daily tasks which must come first.

In the small block of time that i am free,

i would rather let go of what i think i SHOULD

be doing

And allow myself

(the masterkey, Permission )

to just flow into being


i desire

in the moment.

It seems to change often,

flitting from

one idea to the next.

A slice of time is

the piece of life to savor.

I desire to take this precious gift of


and make the most

joy i can



in it.

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