MKE #2 – Week 15

Today i begin a new life,

a new chapter,

a new beginning.

I have a new opportunity


What do i want to do with it?

And will i make what i want to do



Is it truly what i want without any doubt.

How can i be so sure?

I meditate upon the clarity of the callings

in my soul.

So many ideas desire

to be born.

 i can give them life ,

only if i am willing.

Am i Willing?

What am i willing to do?

Just how much and how far am i willing to go.

My rational side wants desperately the answer to this question;

Just how much is being asked of me?

How much, how far, how long

where, when, why…

The never ending list of questions to delay

the total surrender to

this spiritual journey.

Does the universal mind

Know what it is doing?

And does it care about me?

Am i supported and presented with

more than i can even desire and require

for an Amazing Life




I take notice of All

the ways in which i have been graced

with blessings unfathomably.

To this day

this moment

this very breath.

I am still doing excellent.

Life has not let me die.



It is a gift to be.

As Free as i dare in my mind,

is as free as i am in my life.

Free to think.

to feel.

to create new…


I want to just be free to create

whatever I AM inspired



And also allow myself to change, grow, accept

new ideas and incorperate them into

my conciousness,

creative expression

and life experience.

If i am not free for the fact that nothing is free

and is instead the result of reciprocity,

all i want to do is give anyways.


I Want to create and give,

i feel confident that the universe will support this.

What i give will support me,

by way of reciprocity.

I open the channel and

fill it with all

of the love

i am given.

From the Infinite Source.

So if there is no end

to what i can give,

then i accept the

polar truth

that there is

No end to what i receive.

I have all i could possibly want.

Right Now.


And i must simply realize,

accept this gift,

perhaps universal right,

of infinite providence.

By simply being


Opening the the flow of the faucet.

I dont have to have

what anyone else wants


I have it all,

without having anything

to attach my ownership to.

Besides, i dont really own anything.

I dont even Own myself.

I Am Free.

This Life is Not Mine.

It is not under my control,

it is out of my control.

Nobody has control of anything.

No matter how hard they try,

or desire, beg and plead.

We are FREE.

We are all free,

cannot be bought at any price.

So save the heartache,

dont labor in vain.

The capital value is nothing in the eyes of a squirrel.

it beholds an acorn.

A shelter, and a warm community.

So do i,

in a sense,

desire the same.

The method doesnt

determine the result,

the result determines the methods.

I know what i want.

And i will accept it

with the gratitude of


Creation and Deliverance of the gifts

i am blessed with,


the channels.

Life Flows like a River

from the Sea of Love.

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