MKE #2 – Week 3

High Ideals.

 High Ideals Can teach the one holding them to only accept and always strive for the highest quality.

To put the very best into everything you think, feel and do.

And What is the Best? How can we ever know if we are truly being the best.

Perfection may seem elusive, but it will at least garuntee excellence...

perhaps the best varies from person to person, and the bar is constantly as our practices produce progress.

So the best is always getting better, as we get better.

Through personal growth, change and development,

becoming more like who we truly want to be,

We Can Be WHO we Will to be...​

And we Can get better.

And better and better and better ...

Of Course you could also say we are simply changing ourself.

My idea of better may be your idea of worse.

we can choose Any perspective we want.​

We Can be different, have different ideas, goals and dreams.

Perhaps, We Are Similar somehow or else we probably would not co-exist in such close proximity,

or function in Harmony​.

Although we may all be of the same species,

We all have a mind, but a different mind.

And yet One Mind Together, Connected, The Universal Mind...​

We are unique, individual.

A Microcosm of the Macrocosm.'

"We Are Not just a drop in the Ocean. But The Ocean in a Drop." - Deepak Chopra

Realizing or even thinking about this idea,

that we could be infinitely powerful,

Can be perceived also in an infinite variety of ways.

Not One Better than the Other.

Different Strokes for Different folks.'

It Could be a bit overwhelming at first, or even Scary.

Depending How you look at it​

Depending what you look for,​

depending what you see...​

or it could be Liberating, Encouraging and Wonderful.

Whatever You Choose, You Get.

And You Can Choose Whatever...​

Now here is another interesting observation to me...

That what I See and How I see it

seem to be What I get and How it Appears,

but only to Me.

I Cant Choose for You!

I cant See for you,

I Couldnt ever Realley have any Control over you,

in any way. 

However hard i try, its vain, futile...

Although i Can possibly influence you,

but actually its realley YOU 

who accepts the ideas i am offering

(Gaurd those gates!)

And Now,

The Question being asked by Restaurant Waiters everywhere...

"What Do You Want?"

(ok, maybe a little more politely,

but thats probably at the core of whatever they meant.)

"What Can I Get For You, Today?

Thats what/how i picture the universe,

Universal Mind and "My Subconcious Mind " asking me 24-7!

It Will bring me whatever i ask for as long as i speak in a way it


It is probably quite busy with alot of other orders.

and so "i want to make myself as simple, clear, and accurate as possible."

Now let me be clear with you all,

i want to interject that i do beleive there is

More than a definitive One WAY to do Anything.

Everything Could be done any way!​

i hope to encourage you to Be Self-directed,



be your own unique self​...

​"to thine own self be true."

This is a musing of how my mind operates in relationship with itself.

I LIKE imagining things in ways that are easy for Me to understand,

it seems to help me advance to where i want to be quicker.

And sometimes what is easy and natural for another,

is a different way for a different person.

Again, again, again, again, again ....

i imagine the universe asks me...​

"What Do You Want?"

"What Can I Get For You, Today?"

Which bring me to the title of the post and topic of discussion.

Perfecting My Ideal 

Which means what?

Knowing What you Want, and Making a Decision about 

How you Want something to go​,

How You Want Your Whole Life to Go!​

Picturing and Perfecting the image, 

Until it is the "finest"​ work, 

~ So Specific, Detailed, And Clear... ~


What You Want.

so that the Universal Waiter'

can bring you SOMETHING!

(use the most precious tool you have been given,  imagination ...)

Use the most accurate compass,

your Heart.


"accuracy in building words and sentences, is the highest form of architecture in civilization and is a passport to success." -Charles Haanel

and likewise, so is perfecting our ideals, 

and building the perfect image of our lives, of our world

so that our subconscious's can create 

with Our dreams in it's mind.

instead of a random default.

​Quiet Lives of desperation...

"Most people are dead by age 25, they just dont get buried until they are 75."​ 

-Benjamin Franklin​

Perhaps You have been waiting your whole life for you to make up your mind'

now is just as good a time as any,

while you are still breathing,

the restaurant is still open.

This One Never closes​!

if you can order a pizza,

maybe you can order ​your ideal life just as well...

its Waiting....

on you.

Ask For What You Want.

What You Realley Want.

Not what you think you SHOULD want

Or What you might think/feel you only deserve.

Maybe Try Asking Yourself,

(Have you ever tried asking the waiter what THEY want?)

"What Do You Want?"

They May Help you make your own decision.

perfect your ideal ...

Having the Clearest Idea

down to the finest miniscule detail...

 my experience with universal waiter is

that it Loves precision...

and it helps it bring me exactly.




Can i Say "Exactly" again?


Subby' doesnt judge.

or have a filter...


Number One, the First and Most Important Step

before anything can begin,

is for me to​,


or Perfect My Ideal.

otherwise i will have nothing.

but leftovers of whatever someone else chose.

that subby went dumpster diving for...​

 ive decided "do the Honors"

and take pride in my power to make All my Own decisions!

[ I Am a Self-Directed Thinker!​]

and i thank the waiter profusely.

if you are interested in learning more about the journey i'm taking,

definitely check it out Here ! 

Deanna - October 19, 2016

Another lovely post. I laughed at my image of dumpster diving! I love the way you express!

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