MKE #1 – Week 10

Liberty and Recognition for Creative Expression


I Accept %100 Responsibility for My Choices and experience.

2017 I am so Zealousy Exstatic and Grateful to be living in Costa Rica, in a Completely Self-Sustainable Jungle Treehouse and Flourishing Organic Garden. I feel so Strong, Relaxed and Free.

2018 I win the Judges Hearts in my Audition for Cirque Du Soleil. They have selected me to train in the Montreal Circus School, to Refine my Performance Presentation and Practice for the shows. I am so Excited, I feel focused and Alive!

2019 Together Mom and I open the first  Kendra’s Angels, Center of Healing Arts in Costa Rica! We begin teaching classes, helping others learn, grow, relax, realease and awaken to their best and highest self. I feel such immense Peace, Unconditional Love, Joy and Connection to the heart of the world and the spirit we share.  Namaste

As a Leader of Successful Entrepreneurs and A Massively expanding Team of Trillions of Driven People, I Help those who are on Fire to  Achieve Success, Do whatever it takes and don’t stop until they reach the top!

2020 I am a Confident x3 IMD in Worldventures, helping trillions of people who everyday by teaching them how to create Avalanches of Abundance overflowing from Everyone and Eveything they come in contact with. I am honored to begin training w/Marc Acceta at THE VIEW and bring a new generation of Growing, supportive, masterminding, sharing entrepreneurs into full use of their unlimited Capacity. I am so happy, i feel like singing as I help my brother and sisters succeed!

I maintain Unwavering Faith, Connection to Source, Gratitude, Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, Hope and Observation.

Anything I ask is Now Here.

i Always Bring out the best in Others, and Myself.

I always keep my promises,

Kendra Maxine Bordelon

masterkeyday - December 8, 2015

And what courage to put this out there and share. Marvelous!!

Donna Wasielewski - December 6, 2015

What a wonderful DMP! Sounds amazing!

masterkeybritta - December 5, 2015

Great commitment! I have been thinking about it before and now I will streamline my dmp! wonderful inspiration! Thank you!

Daniel Hanscom - December 5, 2015

Fantastic post, Kendra! Thanks for sharing! I love your enthusiasm and conviction! Moving!

mkdeanna - December 3, 2015

Kendra, I marvel in your expression as I experience you living with impeccable integrity every day. You are truly a mastermind in joy and love. I feel your vision and know it’s truth. It is happening now! You rock my world and I’ll join you in the treehouse! 🙂

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