MKE #1 – Week 11

Patterns, Patterns, Patterns…

Our Lives are Filled with them!

We seem to love them.

Or At least Keeping them anyway.

Following them.

Making Sure we Do them Right.

Like Our Life depends on them.

We will achieve something with every pattern

or Habit.

Everything we hear, think, say, do and keep doing…

it will have a cumulative and Profound Effect in our lives,

Failure or Success!

Take this Picture for instance.

The hand is drawing with the imagination,

a plan which is going to be executed by the body should they decide

the person in the picture is them.

It happens that the person is walking Up the stairs,

Yet the same hand could’ve also drawn them going down,

or standing still, or be in a completely different place

and different picture entirely.

Whatever the Hand draws, the Mind Draws and the Body is

automatically, Subconsciously Drawn into doing.

Stick to the Plan.

Know what to do.


This is Certainly Going to Happen and if we are aware of the

Fact we will follow a pattern, Then wouldn’t Now

be a Good time to design one that would take us to where we want to go

and make us little by Little

who we want to be?

If you Can be whoever you set your mind to,

this statement is of no Value until we


this design in which we are making

the path we are taking,

which will lead us somewhere

The Bottom or the Top.

You Can Do Anything.

You Imagine.

This is Great!
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4f9l9uhB9PQ]

Thought is like the HTML Code that makes all things Appear.

Darren Neilson - December 15, 2015

I like the that “Live In Love” Thxz for sharing Kandra, BeBlessed – Darren http://goo.gl/NwuPgd

Nancy O - December 12, 2015

And you have a great imagination, Kendra!

masterkeybritta - December 11, 2015

I enjoyed reading this. very clear, conscise and helpful 🙂 Thank you

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