MKE #1 – Week 13

I see Life through a New lens

and the Vision is so Clear,

Im focusing on WHAT I WANT.

everything else just disapears.

It falls away into nothingness

to lay in the abyss,

not to be discarded but to

Clear the way so I

don’t miss.

With my finger on the button,

that makes the trigger snap,

once I act on a decision

there is no going back.

Each time I take a Picture

or A Promise make,

i know it is my choice to

see it develope or

it breaks.

Anything needs Practice,

there may always be mistakes.

If I hold the image steady,

i always remember what’s at Stake.

Forever  hope for Freedom,

or Forever break the blind,

of filters covering my soul

and patterns familiar

Im hiding behind.

Keeping a short Leash

On the Potential of

My Brilliant Mind.

If I take a New Picture and

replace the old Frame,

Of Limited Freedom

and a Wild Heart tamed.

The Future is Certain of

What it is Asked.

Unless  you are wearing a mask.

Then it’s just Confusion.


How Long Will It Take?

For you to a Desicion make

To Trust Your Heart Is

True in it’s Beating.

That each Courageous Step you take

it is Leading.

We Are Nothing except

Little Children Inside

Will die if confined.

Cannot Stand Still Forevermore!

Today is a New Day,

And There’s a New Door,

Behind Which Has Your Every Dream World

in Store.

But Locked it will be


Shut tight it will stay,

Until You Decide What’s

Behind It .

Clear As Day,

it cannot be Fuzzy or Gray.

When will you Open it,

What will it be?

A Infinite Meadow of Possibility!

Shall I Wait Till Tomarow,

Or DO IT NOW Today?

whatever you say,

Just remember

We’re All Children

in a Sandbox.

and One Day

Our Creator Will Call

Us Inside,

From our Play.

And we’ll

have to Go.

And All you’ll take

is the experience you had and

the memories you make.

So Will you spend your time living

how someone else says you must,

or Will you Live a New Life,

Beleive, Joy, Abundance, Peace

Love, Imagination, Creative,

Wonder, Happiness,

Courage, Faith and



Nancy O - February 14, 2016

Beautiful, Kendra – thanks!

mkdeanna - January 2, 2016

brilliant, just brilliant my dear. I am grinning from ear to ear.

Yvettemasterkeyc - December 30, 2015

That was interesting, love the format.

dominica8 - December 27, 2015

bravo! well done! xxx

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masterkeybritta - December 27, 2015

wow, the whole experince in one wonderful inspiring poem. Genius.
Feeling inspired

masterkeybron - December 26, 2015

Lovely writing! 🙂

masterkeyday - December 25, 2015

Oh my goodness! Such wisdom in your words … and beautiful pictures to complement the emotion. Thanks so much for sharing this masterpiece. Merry Christmas!

masterkeysaras - December 21, 2015

Beautiful!!!! Thank you for writing such a gorgeous piece.

    kishahlom - December 21, 2015

    Oh! I am so Grateful. It’s my Pleasure ❤️

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