MKE #1 – Week 14


I made it through Christmas with the MKMMA

as my Mandatory Task.

It was not optional and I know that although there are plenty of excuses

and things to be done that I could’ve just skipped it to save time, i know that if I DONT Do What I promised the following will ensue:

  • I will be creating and condoning the habit of failure.
  • I will begin my day in a different manner than at my absolute highest and best!
  • I will not be able to look at the Gal in the mirror and not see the truth,  She is just too honest.

a host of other effects from my deviation will obviously abound as I know according to the nature of the human mind it is program to seek familiarity and the comfortable, most easy path it knows.

(Even though it could be stressful, and dysfunctional.)

Habit is as a Habit does, and if I am not practicing what i desire most

NOW, I’m sure not ever gonna do it.

Because RIGHT NOW is all there realley is.

That all there ever exists and matters in terms of what we Are.

There is no more yesterday, and tomorrow hasn’t come yet.

Tomarrow will never come because tomarrow it will become Today.

I forget the happenings of the day that is gone, and greet the new Sun, with Confidence that THIS Is The Best Day Of My Life! – Og Mandino

And so As the Universe changes around me and morphs to comply with  the millions of multitude of effects being impressed upon it,

I know I will Still be HERE.

AND i know that I have created this world this world around me.

Giving it names and systemic theories that I apply to myself so that I could hopefully manifest my Dreams of Happiness and Success.

Those Future Goals are none other than a fancy,

when I think about what I want most in this moment

I cannot deny that due to the readiness of my conciousness and what I beleive of myself and allow.

What I want most is exactly what I am experiencing RIGHT NOW.

how can this be?

I am not yet ready for all the glorious things I have imagined?

And told myself, or myself has told me I long for?


Why not?

Perhaps it is unfamiliar.

Perhaps I am afraid or feel unworthy

who knows what is Deep down in my Subconcious and written in my blueprint from years ago.



If I can realease all attachments of fear,

And beleive with a Grateful Heart

and a joyous Spirit

That I Am Worthy,

I Am Great!

Majesty of The Most Definite Major Purpose

Royalty in terms of my knowing

Determined In terms of my doing.

I can Do Anything

that I draw up in my mind to do and express through faith with my body.

I have a flame so Intense that it

instantaneously torches old ideas and versions of me

to begin again out of

the Same Inferno.

Refreshing itself like a Brand New Computer.

A Blazing Manifestion of Intention

like Magic,

It burns up doubts,

lies of which

a trap

are all they are.

As I hide from myself

in the shadow of the Colossus Me.

My Spirit, my soul, My flame,

my Passion, my Power, My Promise

My Will, My Love and

My Truth.

Universal Energy Invincible!

I have the power to Create

Something, Anything

out of NOTHING.

Because I know that I Can.

I THINK Therefore I AM.

But what I am Saying Means Nothing.

If You can only tell someone’s deepest desire

by their Result.

Action Speaks Clearly.

“More than Words is All you Have to Do to Make it Real.”

Than you wouldn’t have to say it,

cause we would already know.

Let me do the Work and then Talk.

We made a Promise to Ourselves, So Let us Keep it and make it happen.

Not to Prove it to anyone else,

But to each of us.

Our Self.

Nancy O - February 14, 2016

Striking images! So cool!

masterkeybron - January 3, 2016

Great blog! Bringing it all together. 🙂

masterkeybritta - January 3, 2016

amazing post for how it all comes together, text, images and song. cudos!

wesmasterkey - December 28, 2015

You got it !!! Awesome! !!

masterkeyday - December 28, 2015

Wow, incredible graphics, incredible words, incredible inspiration, incredible YOU!

mkdeanna - December 28, 2015

Nice awareness Kendra. The journey to Self Mastery is powerful. Happy for your ability to stay focused during such busy and full times. I love you!

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