MKE #1 – Week – 15


“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”

–Edith Wharton

Wow! This Journey has taken me down the River of Dreams and into the Ocean of Limitless Possibilities unthought of before.

By now I must have looked in the Mirror over 100 times and read my DMP over a million.

Everything in my life has begun to change as a result of my new light that  is being shed on discovering exactly what I want.

Not just the shallow dreams, but the ones that are deep, reaching up from the very bottom of my souls.

The wants that are behind every dream in the first place.

Altough I have interests and passions,

Art, Music, Acrobatics….

All of these are a Way that I have discovered to achieve my

realest, truest desires.

To experience Love.

I do anything and everything in a hopeful intention to experience Love in many different ways no doubt, but still everything means nothing without it.

“I am Natures Greatest Miricle!” -Og Mandino



Wow! realley?

(this video does not have to be taken one way)

I mean aren’t we all miracles?

We are all one. So of Course, Yes.

and One of a Kind.

We are Natures Greatest Miricle.

Many are Called, Few are Chosen.

We Choose Ourselves.

Can I say that again?


the one who decides they are, is The One.

As I Listened to A Wonderful Friend Speak on the Webinar this Week and say “When your heart talks, Listen!”

I heard my heart whisper,

” I want to fun and I want peace.”

That is all.

It was the feeling I felt that was more or less how this message translated.


Although I have just been through the holidays and there was a lot of activity and my legs are sore from running for hours outside with my

brothers and family,

cleaning , cooking, preparing and hosting

more cleaning afterwards…

I was wiped out!

And still my heart just says

“I want fun and I want peace”

That is all.

well through my DMP I could definitely get that,

but how could I experience this anywhere, anytime

i can be creative

that is my PPN.

I Can have fun anywhere, Anytime.

Creating memories filled with Joy.

Yet even the ideas in my DMP seem boring unless I attach the deep feelings of Joy and peace I desire more than anything along with them.

Peace is Present in Evey Breath I take and every Move I Make.

My Dmp is Filled with the outline and ideas of what I desire to achieve but the feeling part has until now been quite vague.

I wanted to finish and get signed off,

but i wasn’t finished…

Deciding, or Listening.

I think everything I want I already am sure of I just need to listen and remeber why I am here.


To Experience Joy, and What I Give I recieve

i am here to Spread joy, Share Joy , Be Joy

I have a unquenchable thirst to give and Help others

become the best they can be and realize

that they are Surrounded by Fresh Water!


And Draw Up all You Desire.

It won’t Put out your FIRE,

but Make it Grow Higher!

For the Spirit you hold,

and the Splendor you Splash

is Enthusiam in the form of Gas.

Pour it all over your dreams

and ignite.

Watch your Power Explode Like




An Action so Focused, a

and Brilliant and Bright

It Lights up the Darkness and

Darkens Daylight.

Fill up your Bucket

and Laugh with Delight

Cause our Deepest desire And

Fear is Our Light.



i don’t need to be afraid of myself.

I am not Scared, I am Excited!

Nancy O - January 9, 2016

Being aware that changing fear to excitement is a great tool to have! Always keep it close!

masterkeybron - January 9, 2016

Thank you for sharing. Wonderful you are feeling the excitement of the journey! I am on a similar journey in my DMP. 🙂

kishahlom - January 8, 2016

@Shelby Nolan and masterkeyday

You are so Welcome! It takes a great one to see a great thing!

masterkeyday - January 8, 2016

And I’m excited for you! What a marvelous post, filled with joy and FUN. Thanks so much for sharing YOU!

Shelby Nolan - January 4, 2016

Wow! What a moving post! Thank you for sharing your light and joy 🙂

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