MKE #1 – Week 16

Miracles are On the Horizon…

Continuously, Consciously and

Gratefully Giving and Joyfully Recieving…

Noticing Nature, Kindnesses, Smiles and Compliments!

on My DMP I have 4 main Goals  Linked to one of each of the 4 colored shapes

Which are…

Reach International Marketing Director x3 in Travel Business – Blue Rectangle

To be a Performer in Cirque du Soleil – Red Circle

Live in a 100% Self Sustainable Home in Costa Rica – Yellow Square

Kendra’s Angels Universal Healing Arts Centers Open and Established – Green Triangle

So I Have Exciting News…

The Steam that turns the Wheel is already in Motion and

My DMP is making its appearance ALREADY!

fruits of my dedication and faith are beginning to ripen…

First in my Mind as a “Practical Means of Attaining the Objects” Plan that is effortlessy put into Manifestation as I slowly Start to walk into my Vision.

I Am Traveling With My Family Team to Orlando, Florida for A Worldwide Travel  Event Called UNITED, 

Along with a Visit Through the World Of Walt Disney and Then Harry Potter World!

-Blue Rectangle

I Have a Fabulous “Rawjuvenation” Retreat by livelovefruit.com Booked in February.

Guess Where?

Costa Rica!

At a 100% Self Sustainable Off-Grid Facility in the Mountains called

“Farm of Life”

we will be Eating Raw Food straight off the tree,

exploring the World renowned Waterfalls and Beaches.

Hopefully Ill Get to See a Sloth!

i Am so Grateful.

Especially to my Beloved Mother her Unconditional Love, Faith Encouragement and

the Beutiful Spirit Carly Fraser of LiveLoveFruit.com who

Put This Retreat Together.

-Yellow Square

I Am in Love with Circus Arts!

But I do not have Any formal Training

self-taught everything I know so far.

that being said, during the holidays

my Sister who just Left Today 🙁

was here from Bosten, Massachusetts

and together she encouraged me to look up

training centers online where I could

Practice, Practice, Practice …

(Perfect Practice Prevents Poor Performance)

and Learn New Skills.

To my surprise I found 4 Training gyms specializing in circus arts in Boston!

All within Walking distance from where my sister stays…


To Boston I Go , in the Fall

(After the MKMMA Retreat , Lol 🙂

-Red Circle

As for Kendra’s Angels;

My Healing Center,

it all involves helping other heal

by Finding their True Nature.

currently I am a Health Coach

and helping My Clients do just that!


-Green Triangle

And So My Future Self and I Merge.

I Pay-It-Forward, Trust, have Faith

and begin fulfilling my Own

Self-Written, Self- DETERMINED

Self-Decided Prophecy.

And Although Sometimes my Old Blue Print

and Subby Come out to attempt Mutiny,

i Look back at them As the Gal in the Glass and Read

“Today I begin a new Life,

I Greet this Day with Love in My Heart,

I Persist until I Succeed, And

I Am Natures Greatest Miricle!”

The Paycheck of the Efforts I Put into

this Daily Affirmation are Finally beginning to

Materialize and Become Tangible!

I Am Moved to Praise


I am Worth It!

You are Worth it !

We are All Worth It!

And it is SUCH a Gift to Realize that Everything is a Gift!

Keep Giving, to Keep Growing…

As my Little Brother says, “Why Not? When You Can.”

Give More, Get More!


mkdeanna - March 24, 2016

OM Shanti Kendra. I love your messages of inspiration and your manifestations. You Rock!!!

Kendra Bordelon - January 21, 2016

Thank you All! Traveling back to Texas tonight, 14 hrs…

masterkeybritta - January 17, 2016

whohoooo. cheering you. Great results!

robertmasterkey - January 17, 2016

Wow Kishahlom great to hear your changing your world within. Congratulations…!

masterkeyday - January 16, 2016

So inspirational! Thank you for sharing SUCCESS. Cheering you onward. I want a front-seat ticket to your first performance in the circus arts.

Nancy O - January 13, 2016

Congratulations on seeing the results of all your hard work!

remarkablehealth - January 13, 2016

This is beautiful! Ellen’s Humanitarian award…..I’ll bet for her it’s the most rewarding thing she’s ever done. Enjoy your journey!

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