MKE #1 – Week 17A

This week I have been Noticing Kindness and Oppurtunites to give RAKs

(Random Acts of Kindness).

The Profoundness of this Virtue is So Expansive,

it makes me want to sing and dance!

The Beauty Is in the world but Never seen,

if it is overlooked it appears not to be there or exist at all!

How can this be?

So Profound.

The world through a each

Person’s eyes is a different World from person to person.

We live in a Universe of Overlapping Perceptions, all derived from where people have been trained to put their attention.

Some Complain the World is Cruel and Violent.

Others See the Beutiful People and Blessings, Giving, Sharing, Abundance…

There are so many things to be Grateful for, even our challenges.

This week I was tested, each day I have obstacles to overcome

but Hey! I used to build obstacle courses as a child, it was a favorite game of my siblings and I.

One of Skill, One of Triumph, One of Challenge…

the Oppurtunity to prove yourself A Great Dynamo!

And we relished in it.

If we had accomplished what we set out to do.

if not, we kept Trying.

Never would we ever admit defeat, though tempting eachother all the while.

Love is a Mysterious Force.

The Laughing Child, The Nurturing Mother, The Old Man with Flowers to honor his

deceased wife’s memory.

Love is White, Love is Red, Love is Blue,

Love is Kindnes.

Kindness is Love in Action.

Woah! I Just got it, Just now while writing this and you are my witness!

Mom is Always saying “Love is a Verb” and I never understood what she is trying to say.

I mean can’t she see I love her, I do everything for her.

But the truth is, it is not something done that shows love

it is Something Done in Kindness,

that equals and equates to Love in Action.

More than Words,

Kindness is What you Must Do

how you must act to show those you Love

that you care.

How many times do the people we love the most get the short end of he stick because

we live with them everyday and learn to take them for granted?

Nevermore, the Habit of Kindness must Stretch Over my every

thought, word and Deed.

It is my duty, it is my destiny and it is my Purpose.

To help someone is best done by being Kindness.

I Want to be Kind Forever.

This is what I want to Give, and Perhaps people

throughout the Globe may be Living in the World,

Yet Dying from a lack of Kindness.

Kindness to Eachother, Kindness to Ourselves, The Guy in the Glass…

Kindness to Animals,

Kindness to the Plants, The Sky, The Oceans, The Earth, The Sun, The Stars…

we need Kindness, and We Need Love.

If Nothing Else, That alone.

What Can Love Do?

Ive always had the Corinthians bible verse as part of my conciousness

This is what I have read on the door of my mothers bathroom

since  was small and altough i didn’t understand it,

it didn’t stop me

to repeatedly read and memeorize

The Virtue of Human Kindness is Never Overlooked.

Please Join Me,

Give Someone

Hugs Today!


Nancy O - January 27, 2016

The video brought a tear to my eye. Thank you for that, Kendra! Lovely post!

masterkeybillj - January 25, 2016

Your title really helps me – How do we love? Through kindness. Thank you – that simplies love for me and helps me to know that I can do it by being kind. I also love your reframe on childhood obstacle courses and to reframe my problems with that. The challenge and joy of the adventure rather than cursing it etc. Thank you.

    kishahlom - January 25, 2016

    You are Natures Greatest Miracle! ❤️ Always Remeber Yourself.

masterkeybritta - January 24, 2016

always so nice! You have a great talent writing!

marilynrholloway - January 21, 2016

This is great, Kendra! I just feel the movement of love and kindness in your words — love is indeed a verb.;

    kishahlom - January 25, 2016

    Yea! I know I must apply this Knowledge, For me, You and The Others! ❤️
    It takes a Kind Soul to See a Kind Intention.

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