MKE #1 – Week 17B


 Imagine Every Story You Ever Heard

That was Exciting, Interesting, Full of Courage, Adventure, Wild Hearts

And Freedom.

What Do They All Have in Commen?

It is Something that brings out the Courage in Us,

Calls us to Adventure and Awakens Our Wild Heart.

What is It?

Its Called “The Hero’S Journey”.

Within Us Is a Roaring Lion, A Vibrant Soul, with Unlimited Potential.

Our Greatest Purpose: To Inspire, Uplift, Help, Serve and Guide Others to Their Own True Greatness, And Hero’s Journey.

Yes!!I Am a Hero!

And You are a Hero too!

Because we are Unique.

Because we have Unlimited, Unstoppable, Unconditional Inner Strength,

Power, Energy, Resources, Ability, Imagination, Oppurtunity…

It Never Ends!

So, The Question is “Who Are You?”

What is Your Truth?

What are the Visions You hold in Your Mind and See in Your Dreams,

That you may or May not Accept as Possible

for You.   Through You.  As You.

Who Else, If Not You

is Going to See these Same Visions,

Makes these Dreams a Reality and Inspire Millions of Other Sleeping Giants

Who All Have Phenomenal Miraculous Potential Of Like Nothing Anyone Else

But Them has Ever Imagined?

You Are a Hero!

But What is a Hero As Me Looks Like Could be

Very Different from The Hero As You,

And Also The Same.

To Me,

A True Hero Is Someone

Who Sets A Good Example For Everyone Else

and Has the Courage to Answer The Call Of The Herald.

The Herald Calls From Within.

It is The Call to Service.

to Help People.

To Make it Our Highest Intention to Give.

It  Crys Out in A Ray of Emotions,

a Voice Unique Profound and Important

And Only We, Each Of Us.

Can Hear That Voice, Within Ourselves.

No One Can Know For Sure If On The Inside if we Are Laughing, Singing, Trembling Or Crying…

No One Feels Your Triumphs…

No One Except You.


It is Designed This Was,

So that The Seed Of Success and Greatness Can Germinate Within us,

No matter How Long it Takes!

We need the Darkness and The Pressure.

The Stimulation of Running feet tells Grass to Grow Stronger,

The Droughts inform it Drink Well in The Presence of Water.

The Warmth of the Sun Nourishes It Through its Co-creative Process of PhotoSynthesis.

And A Plant is a Hero!

They Are Healers of The People.

Sustainers of Love and Light.

We have Depended on them forever Nourish and Sustain our Bodies.

we Owe Them a lot of Credit, Yet they ask for none.

Except to be Loved, Like all of us.

Without Plants, You Probably Wouldn’t Be Alive.

Our Whole Universe Depends upon eachothers Contribution to Be Strong!

Taking Care of the Planet is By any Standards an Heroic Act.

A Celebration of Gratitude Everyday for

The Glorious, Giving, Abundant Beings and Their Purpose Grounded in Service.

Mother Nature Shows a Shining Example of a Long Forgetten, Yet

Powerful Creative Heroic Force!

Always Existing to Give, Provide for, Serve and Sustain.

All the Many Wonderful Expressions of Light who are growing and Changing upon her Loving Surface.


No Doubt, Every Mother and Every Father is a Hero!

Every Child is Born Knowing they are One.

Those who Protect and Guide the Younger Spirits along the path,

Nurturing their Greatness until One Day,

They Become The Full-Encompassed Hero Themselves!

Hopefully, The First Heros Goal is to Grow a Better and Better Hero Than They Are.

Recognizing We Were Made First Class, By First Class,

it Seems to Go without saying that to Give the Best of Everything

is A Heroic Act of Kindness.

We Are Here to Be Hero’s To Ourselves and Others.

Rescue Your Divine Essence and Shine The Way for

All That You Are and Ever Hope To Be Lies In Your

Hands, and Head and Heart and Feet.

Answer the Call, Change Your Life and Change Others.

That is a True Hero, and One That Changes the World.

By Your Success and Inspiration to Dare.

Be Brave, You CAN DO THIS!

And more…

A SUPERHERO Looks Like You!

you don’t need big muscles, or anything special to help someone.

Kindness in Action is all it takes.

But Who Rescues the Hero?

if they have forgotten their truth.

Sometimes with the Help of Some other

SuperHero Friends,

A little bit of Joy Spreading is Enough!

Be  InSpired By the Greatness In Those you meet,

There is a Hero Within all of us.

Especially You!


Nancy O - February 14, 2016

Glad big muscles are not required!

masterkeybritta - February 1, 2016

love it. so much info really impressive

mkdeanna - January 29, 2016

Wonderful shares and words Kendra. Love this blog post, it gave me lots to think about. 🙂

marilynrholloway - January 28, 2016

Lots of fun thoughts on your Hero’s Journey! Thank you, Kendra!

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