MKE #1 – Week 18

Good Morning,

Today is a New Day!

Today I Begin a New Life,

And I Greet this Day with Love in My Heart.

I Persist Until I Succeed in Accomplishing what I set out to do Today!

I Know I Can Do it Now, Because I Know That I Am

Natures Greatest Miracle, I Can Create Miracles and I Can Be What I Will to Be.

Today is a Profound Blessing to Experience and Is Worth More Than Gold,

it is Priceless for Not Even all the Riches in the World Can buy a man One More Day

When his Time has come Leave…

But My Life is a Present, and I will Live It NOW!

And Give Gratitude, Happiness and Joy!

To the Greatest of My Efforts in This Day,

For I Know Tomarrow I May Never have this Chance,

But I Know I have it Now,

So I Will Live Each Day as If it Were My Last.

Because For All I Know,


I Will Live This Day As if It Is My First and Last Day On Earth!

Imagine the Wonder, Curiosity and Awe

We all Felt

as a Newborn Baby Human

In The Very First New Seconds, Minutes, Hours, and even Days of Our

Birthday on This Orbiting Sphere of Green Life

we Call Earth.

How Different Did it Feel?

From Where we are Right Now,

From what we knew,

From What we Desired,

We May Not Have Known Anything.

Who we are, what we are, where we are, how we are

but none of that Mattered….

Especially If We Were Surrounded by Love.

That was all that Was Dreamed of At that Point.

Until We Grew, and Dreamed and Created More Experiences in which to Express Ourselves.

Practice Ideas, Feelings, Thoughts…

We Began to Think!

From the Moment we were Born, Our Mind was Activated and

Immediately began Establishing Synaptic Connections.

in Order to Better Understand Our-Self

Within and Our Surroundings Without.

Why Do We Exist?

This Could Have a Infinite Answer and Reason too Complicated to explain.

or it could be Nothing. Random Chance. Absolutely No Point to Anything Except the Point we Give it.

Now we Learn Universal Laws

Gravity; What goes up must come down

Inertia; An Object in set in Motion will Continue in motion unless stopped

Growth; All things Seek Higher, The Light

attraction; Like attracts Like, What you Give is what you get

Polarity; for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, The Existance of what is Wanted and also Unwanted.

And Many More..

Things Happen that we do not understand, but they effect all throughout

the Universe, Just the same.

Including Us.

A Microcosm of the Macrocosm.

a drop in the Ocean, and the Ocean in a Drop.

We are Natures Greatest Miracle,

And Lovable Simply Because we Exist!

We Can Do Things! Here, Today, RIGHT NOW…

How Can This Be?

Wow! We are Magical!

Einstein- There are Two Ways to Live Your Life; One, as if NOTHING is a Miracle.

And Two, as if EVERYTHING is a Miracle. 

This, Coming from a Scientific Genius tells me,

he Obviously Discovered Proof of Our Incredible Being.

What Are We Capable Of?

What Do we Want to Create?

Ford- Wether You Think You Can

Or You Think You Can’t,

Either Way you Are Right.

We Decide.

We Have That Power.

We Can Create, We can Choose, We Can Think

We Can Do, We Can Do, We Can Do…


What the Mind Can Conceive and Beleive (Thought + Feeling)

It Can Achieve.

If We Can Dream it, We Can Do it!

Isnt that Fascinating?


So anything we Imagine, Picturize, Vision…

Literally Can Become Reality,

If we Follow that Dream into Action.

David Alt- I’m Gonna Build My Dock

because my Ship’s Already in, 

and it’s up to me to build my Dreams a Home.

The Dream is there. The Blueprint is Done.

The Hammer, Wood, and Nails are Waiting and

the Joy of Assembly is Our Divine Right and Job.

To Create is Our Destiny!

What will you do with this, (very Possibly) Last Precious Day

which remains in your Keeping?

How Would you Spend Your Final Day on Earth.

What Do You Create Right Now,




mkdeanna - March 24, 2016

One of my favorite inspirational songs. Love your insights and words. Great post Kendra!

Nancy O - February 14, 2016

Thanks for always being faithful!

masterkeyday - February 9, 2016

Beautiful post. I’m listening to this lovely music you gifted as I rewrite my DMP, making it stronger and more priceless. Thanks for sharing!

robertmasterkey - February 9, 2016

Thanks for sharing..Keep on shining…!

marilynrholloway - February 6, 2016

Make it a priceless celebration!

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