MKE #1 – Week 2


This week I have learned so much about how

my mind operates and how I can change, rewrite and edit the program script

that My Subconcious mind is running by default.

Its like I’m reading a story to my inner Child and they are listening all the time,

Wide-eyed and absorbing every detail like a sponge.

This I what I am telling myself, Over and Over,

Illustrating the thoughts in my mind with feelings and emotions I have

chosen to articulate my world outside me to the world within me.

The world without is a reflection of the world withen and

looking back I can completely understand how some experiences

were manifested BY ME!

The greatest thing I have ever learned was how to listen with an honest,

open heart.

To my inner self, people and animals,

The wind in the trees.

I used to think that noise was something to listen to and that

Being quiet or Meditating meant you had no thoughts going through

my mind.

Now I’ve learned that there is much more to be heard and seen in the quietest room and with your eyes closed.

Perhaps, I have imagined this whole world without and given roles to everything and every person in it.

But it is still me,

and am I seperating myself from myself, putting it into categories and assigning or creating jobs that everything else must do?


I finally understand why my mom would constantly say this.

If anything is to happen, if I want anything to happen, I must decide fo it to and began to go about taking


Take Matter (or lack of it there of, hehe…) into my own hands,

which guided by my imagination and faith

can create such things as Mount Rushmore and the Eiffel Tower!

If Everything is me, Could I not ask myself, “How is it you want this to go?”

Decide it will be and act accordingly with joyous Confidence.

To to be Definite Doesn’t mean you have to be right.

But it does mean you cannot be fickle.

It is My Purpose to Succeed!

Because I Say So.

“A winner is not afraid to lose.

A loser is secretly afraid to Win.”

What am I afraid of?

I have noticed a strange phenomenon,

when I put myself on the spot, or ask a question

My mind goes blank.

I used to panic because I thought


And so I didn’t.

But then when this continued I began to try



instead of searching for a memory which could take eternity,

I tried to simply decide how the experience was,

and act in complete Childlike faith

that I was Right.

It works Phenomenaly!

Also I began to decide to remember whatever I wanted,

and it seems Like Magic,

the Information is pulled out of the ethers

to fulfill my dreams.

Needless to say,

i feel like a spirit child in a dreamworld,

with only a wish to create, explore and imagine.

To experience new things In wonder and awe

is my DMP.

(Altough it is becoming Clearly Specific.)

Who could know what else there is to desire

when you find yourself infatuated with

Peace in the Moment.

mknancy - October 5, 2015

Your insights are exciting! Sounds like you’re having fun!

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