MKE #1 – Week 20

Whenever things seem to get rocky,

a Storms arises,

or the changes are Vast.

Look back at where you’ve come from

and see how far you have come.

Notice your brilliance…

in this moment

Shining a Unique Light

Brighter than ever before.

Who are You?

Beutiful you.

Wonderful You.

Strong You.

One with the Power of the Divine.

The infinite Universal Energy

flowing All around,

Withen and Without us…

A Miricle, Blessing and Dream

we get to be a Part of,

Experience, Enjoy

and Co-Create.

How Many Choose the Road Less Traveled,

or Create a Path where there was none…

Dancing Along

Higher and Higher…

Through every kind of Environment.

Until we Reach the Top,

Look around

and Then Keep Going..

Life Never Ends.

And With this Knowing

What will we do?

Right Now

ceases to exist as soon as we realize it,

and yet something is always coming next.

What will it be…

What will you do…

What would you like…

and Now we are on our way again.

The Heros Journey.

Courageous Adventure.

To Be Love

To Experience Joy!

To Challenge Ourselves…

To Learn, Grow, Teach and Share

and Bring all of Us

(which is ever growing)

to the Realization of Our Dreams.

And our Oneness…

“E Pluribus Unum”

As Strong as the Strongest …

We are

And Together we Climb.


or Crying


or Walking

or Crawling

or Carrying each other…

Step by Step.

But Always Remembering

“It’s about the Journey, Not the Destination”

Travel in Joy.

Expand Your Comfort Zone,

until you can encompass the whole world

in Hug Of Gratitude!

For the Miracle that We Exist!

it’s in our Genes to Succeed!

Beleive in Yourself.

you will get there,

to the Top.

Have Faith


You Can Do more than just Climb Mountains..

You can Move them.

Lets Go!


Deanna - February 18, 2016

Thanks for sharing the videos, Kendra. I wish I had a pair of those glasses.

Nancy O - February 15, 2016

Thanks, Kendra. Loved the videos – espcially the middle one! You are a treasure!

Marilyn Holloway - February 15, 2016

You can move mountains! Way to go, Kendra!

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