MKE #1 – Week 22A

The things we want most and heart desires so strongly will surely unfold

if we can beleive and let go of our resistance to them,

and our Beleifs of unworthiness to experience them Manifested in Our Current Life! 

this week I am going into the Silence of myself,

and letting go, listening, opening heart to Be Who I truly am.

To discover and Observe the One who is Withen.

Allow Me, I AM to Finally emerge and Embrace the Dawn

with Zealous Enthusiam


It is a Blessing,

an Honor, Exceptional Joy, Excitement.

For I Get to Create! And I Get to Choose!

I Can Be, Do, Experience Anything that I Ask.

Decision is Mine and I will not Waste, Squander my Power, or Give it Away any Longer.

Who Else Can Live as I, Move, Talk, Think, Create As I do….?

Only One.

How Special!

I am A Blessing.


Because I Exist, RIGHT NOW!! And will never Exist again,

exactly as I am, in this exact time and place.

What do I want this to be like?

This Moment.

my Life

i get to choose,

and altough I May be Silent

when I do Nothing, The Seed of Everything


and with focus on development, Growth of an Idea, expansion of energy

Realization of a Desired Goal,

Nothing Can Stop Me!

But Me….

In the Silence This is How I Feel!

mkdeanna - March 10, 2016

Love your blog darling dear. It’s the moments of silence that speak the loudest to me.

masterkeybritta - March 7, 2016

lots of beauty in words and images

wesmasterkey - March 5, 2016

Beautiful blog enjoy your silence.

Nancy O - March 5, 2016

You ARE a blessing! Enjoy your time of silence!

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