MKE #1 – Week 22B

We are nothing, we are everything.

When we are silent, we become one…
We Merge With The Divine.

All that there is, can be

and All that we desire to become
has been already waiting to be noticed and appreciated,

within us.

To be no-thing, is it realley possible?

If you ask yourself what you are doing right now,
You will probably get an answer.

That is something.


Maybe it requires more than just one question.

It seems to have an infinite string of theories pending.

But none that is entirely definitive.

The past cannot decide the future,

the future can do nothing to change the past.

The present moment is the only way to do anything about anything.

So If you want to make a change, DO IT NOW!

Now is All that exists in time-Space-reality.

Our Mind creates the way we perceive life at the present moment.
But it is subject to change at our will.

You are who, what, when ,where, how ,why …
You think/Feel = Beleive yourself and be!

The thoughts you think about everything you think of

and what you think about the most,

are what shapes and presents your life back to you.

Back  through you.

An infinite cycle with no beginning and no end.

Nothing can be without your faith in it.
Nothing can not be if you Beleive.

“With Faith, You can change anything!”

anything? realley.

But hear me now, because it means nothing to speak words and say “I Beleive…”
To another.

when in your heart you doubt those yourself.

The Change must happen in YOUR spirit before it can happen in your soul.
This is the work of the divine inspiration, working through us.
So be elated when it chooses you!

Then the change in your soul, has been the ability to change your mind.
Bring courage, strength and faith to shift into a new way other
than previous pathways, programs and habits.

Then once your mind has been changed and set focuse upon a desired goal,
the power of intention will bring forth all the power and possibility in
the universe to provide guidance in the most effective way for you.

Anything you desire is already yours, if you will but Beleive it.
Accept it, allow it, receive it, RIGHT NOW!

The way to your goal, and ALLways are already made.

Just live it.

Be it.

Beleive in It.

The Power of Faith in an idea rather is what cause it to work, rather than the idea itself
For with faith one will never give up.
And without it, one will never start.

So, what do you decide?
What do you think, feel and choose to Beleive?

Nobody can decide for you.

And this is either a power for great success or the lack of it.

You Can Be What You Will To Be.

Are you Alive or Dead?

Dying to live?

Living for some great purpose?

Who can decide, but you.

Is this dream a reality we will one day become?
Or is this perceived reality a dream we will one day wake up from only to find
we have been asleep.

Movement is life, and Life is a Constantly Changing dance.

Don’t stop now!

You Must Live This Life to The Fullest,

Perhaps This Moment is your last chance.


Are you happy with everything?

Can you let go?

Just Be.


Everything is out of control.

So let go…

If FEAR = Death


LOVE = life

Which one Do You Choose and why?


Nancy O - March 20, 2016

Wow – just wow. Awesome story!

mkdeanna - March 15, 2016

What an interesting post. It’s amazing what one can do with centered thinking. Thanks for sharing!

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