MKE #1 – Week 6



The Shift has begun.

Inside my heart I have finally realized that it is okay not to be afraid.

I can Love Everyone and Everything completely, unconditionally and with Gratitude for each unique expression of Vibrating, Universal Light and Joy!

We can all choose, and this is Magnificent!

“I can be what I WILL to be”

“I can be what I CHOOSE to be”


I Am.

What a Glorious World! Full of Exciting opportunities…

I see the World as my Brothers and Sisters,

And also Myself.

For we are One Light, One Energy, One Conscious

Moving, Breathing, Infinite Universal Spirit!

Awakened or Asleep,

from Dream to Dream,

Realities that seem

illusory or more Concrete, Logical, Plausible, Rational…


The Feeling wells up within my eyes, my heart, my lungs and my Whole Being.

Like a gust of the Divine breeze, billowing through my veins…

“Oxygen for the Soul is Right!”

The Playfulness a Limitless Child

with no rules, no worries and no fear

no pain, no knowing of anything but Love.

The Love to Create!

To Love one another.

We are All Soulmates!

All Here, Right Now!

In Different ways, whatever we choose…

Like Sylphs, or Salamanders, Gnomes or Undines!

Shapeshifters of Mind,

and “Heretofore”

Body, Mind, Spirit.

Recognizing the Power,

we THOUGHT we didn’t have,

Energy is never Lost, Created or Destroyed.

Only Transfered, Transformed,

Given, Recieved.

So it is to be human.

Or Angel or Animal.

To Loved and be Loved is All that is Desired.

(All else is fear of Love.)

Illusory, Seperation,

hiding from the light,

hiding from life,

the truth,



The Top of the Charts!

All Fall under this Catagory

of the Ultimate Supreme

Pyramid Energy!

You Deserve it, You are it!

You Are the Power!

The Energy is You!

Part of the Crystal, reflecting one Facet.

Light up the Others!

Light up the World!

How could we know if we Could shine so Bright

except to See the Example of Our Grace

in the Face of Another’s?

My Sister My Brother,

The Father, Mother, Friend, Beloved, Gods

we are.

God is One.

Land God is Many.

God is Little and God is Plenty.

God is Still and God is lightning.

God is Love and God is Frightening.

Halloween Spirits full of Life and Cheer!

To Live is to Love and make Death Disappear.

Inviting Abundance, Our Passion comes Clear,

For We are the MasterKey! No Must we Fear…

To Look for the Highest,

to Bask in Delight!

From the Start of the Finish.

Morning to The Night.

Nightfall does not fall it is brought to its knees,

and to Express its Explosion

Everyday it Sees,

The Inspiration of Colors Coated

over the Heavens,

Found within our own Hearts,

Undeniably Float up Like a Good Ribbon

in the Sky For All to See!

Be Free,

Relax, Celebrate, Share,

Cherish, Give

Laugh, Love

FOR THIS IS What We are made for!

we don’t need a reason,

dont need to know WHY.

Only think what we want,

Appreciate the “I”

Together we fall and Together We stand.

Everytime a Bell Rings.

Another Person

Holds our Hand.

love you!, thank-you!, Excellent Job! ❤️🌟

Nancy O - November 22, 2015

Everytime a bell rings, another person holds our hand. Cool!

run4change - November 16, 2015

So very powerful to not be afraid to not be afraid. Very cool and very real victory

mkdeanna - November 6, 2015

I love you, I love your flow and I love what you have written. <3

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