MKE #1 – Week 7

This week I have been

doing the Exercises and began to feel as though

everything I am doing is filled with the MASTERKEY EXPERIENCE.

Besides the Requirements and the commitment I have to the daily readings,

i feel like the world I once had outside of the masterkey is now floating away in a bubble.

i Must be Rocketing up into the sky and looking behind me everything I once knew is

getting smaller and disappearing out of sight.

There is an excitement, giddiness and also anxiety

That I am filling my days with busywork trying to get to a distant reality.

But I now understand why the future me must become a friend I Love so much that

I would give up my current situation to become them.

Once that moment of hesitation disappears I realized there is no future.

We Merge.

The Only Self that Exists for me now is Living in the Present.

One step ahead in my mind, Lighting the way and Paving the Path

i will Adventure upon.

If there is no Limitations to keep me from living my dreams RIGHT NOW,

Then Right Now,


And it feels so good to say that,

it feels so true.

It feels like all my life I’ve been waiting to say this, believe this, Live this as

easily As it is Possible.

Yet, accepting the INFLUENCE of doubting and LOGICal thoughts,

allowing myself to start Edging- God- Out And listen to the Ego

of the World that Seperates Dreams from Reality and

“Reality” from the Dreams I see, feel, desire to create.

There is no “Desire to create” anymore,

Anything I want is availabl NOW.

IF I DESIRE TO Create, Why Wait?

I can Experience it Now!

As Soon as I remove the word desire, and replace it with the Gratitude I

Love for Experiencing the Thing I Want most RIGHT Now.


It may be something to say I want this and that to others,

but if I realley want it right now,

and I know these truths of Information

then the only thing witholding the,

Moment i Recieve As Now,

is Me.

Sometimes I think We can hold so tight to what

We want to create that it never has a chance to

realley become your experience,

when I think to hard, or too much

to TRY and make i Perfect

i could Lose Sight of  the he Obvious.

Simplistic Truth that is Impossible to avoid.

Love is All there is.

Everything is meant to be.

It Cannot be More Perfct than it already is.

Nothing is Better, Just Different.

We Are all Equal and entitled

to Exclusively Our Own Liberty

Not Control Over the Liberties of Anything Else.

We are Aspects and Forms of Creative Conscious Spirit.

Completely 112% Unconditional Love Energy.

With Way More than Enough

to Give And Share,

Just as we Are.

Expressions of Unique Awareness

On an Adventure in Paradise

We Can Learn to Live in Harmony with The Whole World,

Everything Can Thrive in Love and Gratitude.

Respect for The Fly, The Bird, The Tree and The Man.

Knowing that one is NOT Favored above all he other,

Despite what the EGO tells us.

We have different shapes,  yet in Stillness

we Realise them as Sister and Brother.

Recognize the Consciousness

regardless of the Appearence.

See Yourself Within Them,

How would you Like To Be Treated

if you Were a Holy Rock.

A Wholy Cow.

A Wholey Blessed Rosebush.

There is No difference in Value,

Just in Expression.

Love Loves All Life Just The Same.

The Universal Subconcious.

Has no filter, Separation, Judgement.

We Can Protect it by making

A Promise Together,

To Unconditionally Respect and Love

One another.

Nancy O - November 22, 2015

“One step ahead in my mind, Lighting the way and Paving the Path

i will Adventure upon.” – Love this post, Kendra! You have great vision!

mecadont - November 17, 2015

Great work! I’m so happy that you are getting such great results! Continued success!

wesmasterkey - November 16, 2015


run4change - November 16, 2015

Nice work here Kendra

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