MKE #1 – Week 8

Ever hear the expression “hanging ten”,

like in surfing?

Meaning you have all of your toes over the edge

of the board and you are still keeping perfect balance?

Well, thats Not Even close to how i feel right now,

i am Just getting the hang of things,

and getting a grasp on the MKMMA Principles,

making them Habit, and Part of my Go-To Routine.

The Blogging, I have just learned to put Pictures, Videos and Hyperlinks!

I haven’t been to a Digital Connections Webinar yet, and today that is about to change! (yes, i will be attending this week)

Last week i couldn’t help thinking 7 was something Significant since

my Birthday is 07/07/1995 @ 7:19 pm.

Funny, it was the only time i had a struggle with the MK process,


suddenly awakening with a startled, wide eyed terror as the slightest sound or light or rustle.

I am not sure what thats about, but i have no opinion.

Just Reassuring myself that everything is Changing and thats Okay,

Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery and Today is a Gift

That is why it is Called the Present!

There are So many Wonderful things to be grateful for and in the Words of Mark, “I Love A Mystery!”

Tomarrow i meet my future self and then i merge and become them,

Only to have another Best Friend Appear…

The Future is Always Up to me so i know Consciously that there is NOTHING to be feared,

I Am Only Love,

And i Am ALL There is,

And LOVE is All there IS!

My Subby May not believe me Yet,

so i will keep Loving Life

In the Darkness and In the Light

for the Light Shows me The Day.

And the Darkness Shows me the Stars.

I am A STAR!

That I See Now in my Dark Knight of the Soul,

For the Fearless Victor in my is Surrounded

and Encased in A Flame of Truth,



Today is an Excellent Day,


Tonight is a Good-Night!

Jenni Ryan - November 23, 2015

Great post. Your writing is exceptional.

Nancy O - November 22, 2015

It is all changing and it’s all good. Sweet dreams, Kendra!

Leanne - November 21, 2015

I loved reading your post. Hang in there and it will be worth all the uncertainty. I love your attitude!

masterkeyday - November 20, 2015

Wonderful post! There’s some discussion going on in Alliance about how dreams are fitting into this. I’ve also had nightmares – gruesome images. Wonder if it’s the fight of the old and new blueprint, and maybe even the death of the old blueprint that we’re witnessing at a subby / inner world level – observing it in the dream state.

Daniel Hanscom - November 18, 2015

Great post, Kendra. Enjoyed reading about your process. Glad to have you aboard on the Digital Connections calls. Great stuff there! I love your resilience. “Everything is changing and that’s ok”. That’s awesome.

remarkablehealth - November 18, 2015

Hi Kendra. This is my first time reading your post. Wow. I love your style, your tone, your alliteration! So well said in such poetic presentation. I look forward to the future weeks of enjoying your blog.

mkdeanna - November 17, 2015

Awesome Kendra! I love this post! I also love the video. Cymatics has been an interest of mine for awhile. Great job, Keep going and sweet dreams from here on out.

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