MKE #1 – Week 9

So, Now that my mind has caught the vision of my heart

It is So Exciting to see a Square!

Or a Circle, Triangle, Rectangle.

I feel as though “I am Born anew”

and Am in Pre-K.

This Experience has taught me many things,

many thing I pushed down and hid, pushed away for fear of rejection and to be associated with an idea,

pushed into the unknown

pushed me right over the moon and into the Sun.

The Whole World Outside is a Perfect Reflection of The Whole World Withen me? Realley?

Thats incredible!

Such, Beauty and Such Mystery

so often taken for granted.

The Stars in the sky are but a reflection of the wonder

I feel inside that see and notice through my eyes!

The Deep Ocean Blue is Full of Life and Fantastic Ideas

never Yet Discovered.

Imagination is More important than Knowledge, 

Knowledge is Limited, Imagination is endless – Albert Einstein

What a difference it makes, to notice things

and Appreciate their very Existance and become aware of the very flowers noticing and Appreciating you.

To Not Pass my Gifts off as Crazy, or Mirage.

“A Figment of my Imagination”

Heck, everything is a Part of my Imagination!

Subconcious generations Manifesting my Reality

and Familar Peptides, Doing nothing more than

pacifying my True Craving for Joy, Happiness, Love, Peace

Fulfillment, Liberty and Recognition for creative Expression.

Why did I Light up in the Past? HOPE

Hopefully Living on a Prayer that This was “IT.”

wanting it, willing it to be so that I could finally have a logical explanation for why I was great.

(The Person withen me always knew I was meant to be more than just another One… )

The talent I had that I couldn’t see, compliments I couldn’t or wouldn’t accept.

Isnt it obvious now? I WAS SCARED.

Hiding my Wild Heart, trying to tame my soul desperately,

like a child trying to calm a Wild Mustang she brought into the barn for fear her parents would notice and make her get rid of it.

I Never Wanted to get rid of it,

i only wanted to hide it long enough to figure out how to

understand it and then escape to a place I could finally be Free!

But of course, the truth is that you can run away from wherever you are and never escape who you are.

This Life I was meant to lead is one Unknown.

How Fascinating!

The Idea that Human Beings are the only Creatures with the Concious power to change their own mind.

As an Animal Lover,

i Beleive all Lifeforms to be equal, just different.

I cannot pretend to know what goes on inside the mind of a Cat.

The Spiritual Beings we are Connected to

are everywhere!

Perhaps a Spirit being having a feline experience,

or Canine or Reptile.

How Can I know if a beetle changes its mind?

The Observer withen me could Watch forever,

and only know thyself,

the other Exceptional Expressions of Universal Energy

could be just  a different way of Intelligent life.

Assume it or stay open.

99% of the universe is intangible

and so am I.

Like the Dark Web of Me,

I can search the Visible Inter- Nueronets

in my Concious Awareness,

But what realley is out there or in here I have not

enough scope of Vision to see


All I know is what my heart feels,

and this is enough for me

Right Now.

The Many Roads and Choices we are on

could all be going to the Same Place.

To Meet in the Middle.

Find our Hearts.

And Feel Connection

Know Unconditional Love

Forever more.


masterkeyday - December 1, 2015

Such beautiful poetry — for the inside, and out! Happy to be sharing such a marvelous journey!

Nancy O - November 29, 2015

“All I know is what my heart feels,

and this is enough for me.” – contentment is great gain!

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